My name is Andreina Fusinato, originally from Venezuela and I’ve been living in Miami, Fl for the past 15 years. Since I was 4 years old the interest in learning how to swim was instilled in me from the day my parents took me to the pool, and that’s when I started my aquatic adventure. I never thought it was going to change my life!

After numerous swimming classes in the local swimming club and great dedication and discipline, I became a professional swimmer. I had the opportunity to participate in several regional and national championships, winning in most of them gold medals. When I turned 10 years old I became part of the synchronized swimming team, this was also an amazing experience. I developed more swimming skills and dexterity in the water. I attended both national and international championships obtaining bronze, silver and gold medals.

Throughout all these years my passion in teaching grew more and more. I have dedicated over 17 years in preschool education as a teacher where the love for children increased even more. While teaching in a classroom the idea in expanding my knowledge in a different level emerged. I began participating in group swim training sessions for adults and children while attending many conferences and practices about this amazing sport which is swimming.

I look forward to continue this amazing journey of my life and teach as many people as possible to perhaps save lives through lessons the fun way while in the water.

Hello my name is Mariale Jimenez, I’m Andreina’s sister.

Water itself has been in my life in so many ways. At a very young age I learned how to swim, it wasn’t difficult for me at all. I love to swim. It’s amazing how swimming can change your life for the better.

As a teenager I became a professional swimmer representing my local Swimming Club in several championships. I have had one of my best experiences competing with great swimmers, I learned that effort and discipline go hand in hand. I also competed as part of the Synchronized Swimming Team representing Venezuela, another great opportunity that I used to grow as a swimmer and develop my skills to a higher level.

During those years I wanted to learn more and more about this wonderful sport. In my twenty’s I knew what my passion was! As you can imagine my first job I was hired as a Swimming Teacher for kids all of ages and adults, since then I’ve fallen more in love with teaching people how to swim and watching them learn important skills that could someday save their lives.

I’ve have been in Miami for the last 5 years. Since I was 8 years old I discovered this great aquatic world, and more than half of my life I haven’t stop learning and sharing my knowledge to others.


I am Mariana Jiménez, sister of Andreina.

Since my childhood, swimming has been present in my life, since for health reasons I learned to swim to improve my respiratory problem (Asthma) which I never suffered from thanks to this beautiful sport.

After years of practicing swimming at a professional level, I leaned towards another discipline, which was synchronized swimming, which I fell in love with and enjoyed from my teenage years until my adulthood.  I represented my country Venezuela in national and international championships.  In addition to this, I started giving classes for children in summers camp in the military circle of my hometown.

I have lived in Miami for the last 7 years of my life and after getting certified and going back to what I was passionate about in my youth, I am pleased to teach this beautiful sport since it is very useful for all ages and because there is no set age to learn to to swim.