Swimming Lessons For Kids Miami, Fl

I teach Swimming Lessons For Kids in Miami, Fl. Throughout these years I have had the pleasure  to see many children learning progressively an amazing sport which is Swimming. Just having the chance to observe their improvement in the different skills and becoming more aware of the water gives me more motivation to keep on saving lives.

I would like to share this experience with all of you: Last week I started a new package with a 3 year old sweet boy which has no respect at all to the water. He would  jump in the water , swim off the wall or the stairs, I guess hoping someone will be there to help him to go back to a safe place.  He also did not listen to my directions during the class.

Well now I can tell that after the third class this boy with a lot of practice is able to jump in and swim to the closest wall or stair, he dives to get different kinds of toys under the water, swim to get balls and return to the origin point, floats with a minimum help and more.  I am very happy as well as him and his parents to see this amazing progress ad looking forward to continue his journey.

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